Virtual office

A professional address with correspondence management, telephone and much more.

Virtual office

Make the tax address of your company and keep the office on your computer. Access all the events, work 5 days a month in our spaces, and enjoy 5 hours of meeting rooms to see you with your clients.

From 39€/month

What does the virtual office offer you?


Social and tax domiciliation of your company.

Parcel reception

We receive your parcel and you decide when we deliver it to you.

Call center

So that no call is left unanswered and you don’t lose customers or business opportunities.


Get more visibility for your project and receive information about grants, calls, etc.

Open programming

Participate in networking activities and in our open programming. Enter the agenda and sign up for the next events.

Use of meeting rooms

Enjoy 5 hours of meeting rooms to see you with your clients.

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